Giant Panda Fakes Pregnancy At A Chinese Zoo For Better Living Conditions


(PCM) A six-year old giant panda named Ai Hin that resides at a Chinese zoo began showing signs of pregnancy, however after two months of observations by zookeepers it is speculated that the giant panda was faking her pregnancy.

Giant panda’s faking pregnancy is not an uncommon occurrence, especially for those pandas raised in captivity, as they have learned that while pregnant they receive better care and their life is improved drastically.

The zoo claims that Ai Hin showed signs of pregnancy such as increased appetite, moving around less, and an increase in progestational hormones. When a giant panda is thought to be pregnant, she is moved to a single room with round the clock care and of course more food. The crafty pandas have now began using this knowledge to their advantage to improve living conditions.

Giant pandas normally do not breed well in captivity and are only fertile for about three days per year. Also, only half of the pandas born in Chinese captivity survive past the infancy stage after birth. T

The zoo had planned to broadcast the first worldwide live stream of the pandas birth, however that does appear to be the case at this time.

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Farmer’s Almanac Predicts Another Brutal Winter In The North East


(PCM) Those that were hoping for a milder winter this year will be quite disappointed by the predictions made in the Old Farmer’s Almanac which calls for a “super-cold” winter and more snowfall than normal for the north-east region of the country.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is 223-year old reference the has been used for decades as a climate chronicler and predictor and also features recipes, advice columns and fun facts.

This year’s Almanac prediction also calls for a much warmer summer for most of the nation and this winter if you are lucky enough to be on the west coast, their temperatures will be a little bit higher than normal.

The Almanac has approximately an eighty percent success rate with its’ weather and climate predictions and the publishers still use a “secret formula” that founder Robert Thomas devised in 1792 to make it’s yearly predictions.

Those that have tried to figure out the formula claims that by combining the study of sun spots, prevailing weather patterns and basic meteorology, the Almanac can come up with a long range weather forecasting system.

After the brutally cold winter of 2013, we, here in the Northeast are certainly not looking forward to another harsh winter season, but for now we will just have to wait and see!

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Delivery Driver Comes Up With A Homicide Hoax In An Attempt To Save His Job


(PCM) A young New York pizza delivery driver is in some serious trouble after creating a homicide hoax story in an attempt to save his job when he was running late on a delivery.

18 year old Mason A. Requa placed a phone call to 911 around 9pm last Wednesday claiming that he had just witnessed a homicide taking place. He gave an incredibly accurate description of the type of vehicle involved, the victims clothing, the alleged attackers, as well as the weapons used.

He told the authorities that he had witnessed a seven year old female victim being decapitated by a man with a machete, however thankfully, the whole story has turned out to be false.

Police and authorities searched the area that Requa had described for nearly four hours before Requa finally admitted that he had made the entire story up because he was afraid of losing his job, as he was late on a delivery. Seems pretty elaborate for us, but people do crazy things under pressure.

Requa is currently being held behind bars for giving false accounts to the police and will have his day in court sometime this week.

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U.S. Copyright Office Says Monkey Selfie Can’t Be Copyrighted


(PCM) The U.S. Copyright Office is siding with humans and has recently claimed that a photo taken by a monkey or any other type of artwork created by an animal can not be copyrighted by that animal.

The office has made an update to their rules which now explain in-depth works that are not eligible for protection. They include: “a photograph taken by a monkey” and “a mural painted by an elephant.” The office has long stated that only works “created by a human being” can be registered for copyright, but the animal examples it cites in the updated guidelines are new editions.

The inclusion of the monkey selfie example stems from a long legal battle between famous wildlife photographer David J. Slater and non-profit foundation Wikimedia. Back in 2011 a female macque grabbed hold of Slater’s camera while he was out shooting and managed to snap several adorable selfies of herself while using his camera. One photo in particular made Slater quite a bit of money and really put him on the map.

Slater discovered that the photo was included in Wikimedia Commons, which is a repository for images that are of free use to the public. He demanded that Wikimedia remove the image claiming he owned the rights to the image. Wikimedia fired back, claiming that in order to prove copyright ownership over the image you have to be the one actually taking the photo and in this case the person did not take the photo…the monkey did.

Slater later attempted to claim that the monkey was actually his assistant, but alas it seems that the Copyright Office has ruled with the side of humans and animals can not own copyrights. Since David Slater did not actually take teh picture, it is in the public domain. Anyone can use it. Bummer for Slater!

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Champagne Glass Modeled After Kate Moss’s Left Breast?!?


(PCM) There is a long-standing myth that the very first champagne glass was modeled after the left breast of Marie Antoinette, however historically this has been proven false and the actual first champagne glass was created in England for sparkling wine in 1663. That would be nearly a century before Marie Antoinette was born in 1755!

It seems now that hot spot London restaurant “34″ has commissioned champagne glasses designed by British artist Jane McAdam Freund that are molded on model Kate Moss’s left breast. Moss recently celebrated her 40th birthday at the famed London eatery.

The 34 Kate Moss champagne glass features an elongated slender stem and a bowl decorated with an Art Deco-influenced geometric pattern. It also features Kate Moss’s signature engraved at the base rather than the artist.

The glass will be used to serve champagne at 34 and its sister establishments The Ivy, Daphne’s, Scott’s, and The Club at The Ivy starting Oct. 9.

Kate Moss has never been a model to shy away from nudity…do you think the champagne glass is an accurate representation…if you know what we mean?

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