The Worst Cities To Be In When The Zombie Apocalypse Strikes!


(PCM) As we inch closer to Halloween, real estate web site Trulia decided to have some fun with the idea of the impending zombie apocalypse and has ranked U.S. cities based on the best and worst places to not become zombie bait.

Trulia claims that the number one worst city to be in during the zombie apocalypse would be Honolulu, Hawaii and they have listed several reasons that support their conclusion. The real estate experts claim that Honolulu has a very high walkability rate and there is a severe lack of hardware stores. (Without hardware stores, there is no place to obtain weapons to fight off the hoards of walking dead)

Honolulu also has a high abundance of hospitals which makes victims trapped in hospital beds almost like a zombie buffet of sorts.

Trulia also lists several other cities you should steer clear of with New York, Newark, NJ, Boston, Baltimore and Washington, DC also ranking high on the list. The site analyzed the following information to reach its’ conclusions: highest walk score, lowest hardware store density, highest hospital density and most congestion.

The high walk scores equal out to how easy it is to get around on foot in an area. The higher the walk score the easier it is for a zombie to chase after a victim. While both hardware stores and hospitals scores are pretty self-explanatory, the issue of congestion comes into play when looking at how far a zombie would have to travel between attacks on victims. The quicker new zombies are created the quicker they take over the world!

According the map shown above the mid-west appears to be one of the safest place with a higher survival rate. Looks like it is time to pack it up and move to Nebraska … or maybe Montana!

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The Internet Falls Head Over Heels For The Dancing Priests


(PCM) A video has recently surfaced that showcases two American priests, who are studying in Rome, putting their amazing tap dancing skills to work during a fundraising event at an American seminary located just up the hill from The Vatican.

The video shows the two priests 29-year old David Rider from Hyde Park, NY and 28-year old Rev. John Gibson of Milwaukee, WI partaking in a fun-filled tap-dance duel and showing off their amazing talent.

The video was filmed by a journalist named Joan Lewis who made the decision to post the dance-off on YouTube where it is well on its’ way to becoming viral. The clip has already been viewed over 200,000 times.

In the clip, Rider first warms up the audience with his impeccable tap-dance routine and then Gibson makes his way to the stage, playfully pushing Rider aside and begins his incredibly fast Irish dance routine. After a battle round, the two begin a routine together and their performance is mesmerizing.

As the video continues to gain popularity there are a few critics who complained that the priests were wrong for dancing underneath of a crucifix and image of Pope Francis. However many supporters claim that there is nothing wrong with the priests expressing and bringing about a bit of joy, as Rider himself says he directs the negative comments to the Bible which urges us to “live with joy”.

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Chinese Woman Moves Into A 24-Hour KFC For A Week!


(PCM) A 26-year old Chinese woman by the name of Tan Chen recently went through quite a tragic relationship split and did what many of us only wish we could do … stuff ourselves full of delicious KFC fried chicken and escape the pain for about week.

After the break-up Chen reported in sick for her job and while walking around town trying to get her mind off the split, she decided to go into a local KFC in the train station of China’s Sichuan Peninsula. Chen ended up staying at the restaurant for an entire week!

She claims that she initially had not planned on being at the establishment for so long, as she had only wanted to grab some chicken wings. However, once she was inside and began eating, she reached the conclusion that she also needed some time to think.

It took three days before a KFC employee took notice that Chen had not left the restaurant, as they are a 24-hour establishment and work in shifts. They were unable to ask her to leave since she was technically a paying customer. The employee did check to make sure that Chen was okay, and she again told them she just needed some time to think and then proceeded to order another box of chicken wings and an extra large fries.

Once Chen began to become noticed by the local media she decided it was time to move on from the restaurant. She claims she was tiring of the taste of chicken and made the decision to leave the city and return to her parents home.

We certainly can’t argue with Chen’s reasoning for staying in the restaurant so long as she sadly admitted that her apartment in the city was full of painful reminders of the failed romantic relationship.

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Woman Becomes Trapped in Chimney After Stalking Online Date

CrazyChimneyLady(PCM) Once seen as a dangerous and dubious way to try and find your soul mate, online dating has now become the norm, steadily replacing speed dating, bars, and other face-to-face approaches to dating. Yet, even with its increasing use and acceptance, some nuts still fall through the cracks and make everyone question how safe it is to date online.

One unlucky online dater found himself asking that same question after a woman he began dating after meeting her online was caught trying to enter his home through his chimney on Sunday.

Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, a 30-year-old Southern California resident, was found in the chimney by Ventura County urban search and rescue team after the resident, who wished to remain anonymous, called the fire department at 5:45 a.m. and reported that someone had been stuck in his chimney for two hours.

After using jackhammers were used to dismantle the chimney brick by brick, firefighters had to use dish soap to lubricate the chimney flue and pull Nunez-Figueroa out by 8:22 a.m., where she was then transported to Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center for evaluation; her condition is not immediately known.

Captain Mike Lindbery, the Public Information Officer of the Ventura County Fire Department, posted pictures and gave real-time updates on twitter from the “entrapment call,” giving his over 1,000 followers a drama filled timeline.

The homeowner told local news station KTLA that he broke off his relationship with Nunez-Figueroa after he spotted her on his roof two weeks before the chimney accident. She has been arrested and charged with illegally entering a residence and providing false information to a peace officer, according to a news release from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

Speaking to KTLA, the homeowner warned others about the potential dangers of online dating and letting stangers into your home saying, “Before you have somebody come in your house really check them out … really give it some time before you let somebody in, because they might want to stay.”

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The Mysterious Case Of The Crisco Crook!


(PCM) An incredibly bizarre burglary recently took place in St. Petersberg, Florida where approximately 18 tons of Crisco shortening sticks were stolen from a tractor trailer.

The tractor trailer was on its’ way to a Publix supermarket distribution center in Lakeland, Fl and was reported missing on Sunday morning. The truck was eventually recovered, however all of the Crisco was missing.

The 2005 red Volvo was stolen from a lot called Coast Towing and another tractor trailer containing shipments was also burglarized. Authorities claim that a few boxes were opened but did not specify the monetary value or what items were taken.

So far there are no suspects and there has been no arrests in this case and of course the 18 tons of Crisco are still missing!

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