Since When Do Hamsters And Pizza Go Hand In Hand?


(PCM) It seems that one Pizza Hut franchise in Australia felt that hamsters and pizza were a perfect pairing offering up a bizarre promotion that offered a “free small (live) animal with the purchase of any 10 large pizzas”.

The store’s promotion never got the okay from Pizza Hut headquarters in Australia and the company is now apologizing to its’ customers after the company began receiving a ton of backlash from customers as well as animal rights activists and protesters.

The promotion was part of a deal between the Pizza Hut franchise store and the local animal store, Pets Story and was supposed to last from now until the end of December. It has now been brought to a halt and rest assured no small animals were actually given away.

Pizza Hut Australia has issued the following statement in regards to the incident:  “It has come to our attention that one of our stores [has] recently been running a promotion which was not approved by Pizza Hut Australia, nor was condoned in any circumstances. We would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by this.

The promotional poster has since been taken down and all those involved have been made aware of the severity and inappropriateness of the promotion. We would like to thank Oscar’s Law and all those who have brought this to our attention. On behalf of Pizza Hut Australia we once again apologize for this thoughtless promotion ever occurring and would like to reassure you all that this matter is being seriously dealt with.”

We don’t know who ever thought that the promotion was a good idea in the first place, but it has obviously backfired in a terrible way.


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New Photo Of The Loch Ness Monster Emerges


(PCM) We are always suckers for a good Nessie story and it now appears that new photographic proof of the Loch Ness Monster has emerged in England.

A new image has been released by 24-year old photographer Ellie Williams that appears to show “Nessie” in her full glory at Windermere Lake in England.

Williams claims that she set her camera up on a tripod to automatically snap photos throughout the day on the lake in hopes of capturing wild life in the area, but when she reviewed the days shots, she was blown away to discover the image of what appears to bear a striking resemblance to the fabled Loch Ness Monster.

Williams told the news in England that she is open to any suggestions or opinions about what the creature could possibly be and is thrilled that she was able to place her camera at the right place at the right time.

This incident is not the first time a creature such as this has been spotted near Windermere Lake. There was another creature referred to as the Lake District lizard who has been spotted several times since first appearing in 2006.

The Lake District lizard is more of a snake with humps and this creature definitely appears to look more like the Loch Ness Monster of lore. If it is indeed Nessie, it would place her about 150 miles from her rumored home in Loch Ness in Scotland.

Williams claims that the photo is authentic and has not been doctored in any way.

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What Kind Of Effect Will Wednesday’s Solar Flare Have On Earth?


(PCM) This past Wednesday a strong solar flare was released by the sun and is on a steady place towards the planet Earth.

Researchers have identified the flare as an “X-class” flare, which happens to be the most dangerous type, however experts claim that no major or catastrophic events are expected to occur.

NASA officials have made a statement that claims the flare will “pose no danger to anyone on Earth or the astronauts living aboard the International Space Station”.

There could be some slight fluctuations within Earth’s power grid as well as some disturbances with satellite and radio transmissions as a result of the flare.

It is claimed that if there are any additional eruptions over the next few days there could be some more disturbances within the Earth’s geomagnetic field. The flare will also cause an expansion of the aurora borealis otherwise known as The Northern Lights, so individuals who reside in northern New England, the far north Plains and the Pacific northwest will be able to get a great view.

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Woman Bites A Victim Saying She Is Playing The “Zombie Game”


(PCM) A woman from Oregon has been arrested after taking her “zombie game” a little bit too far. Jessica Rocha is accused of breaking into an home, pushing a woman down the stairs and biting her face claiming that she was playing the “zombie game”.

The authorities in Oregon still are not exactly clear on what the “zombie game” actually is and if there will continue to be a problem in the area or this was an isolated attack. They revealed that Rocha appeared to be both drunk and high at the time of the attack.

Rocha is charged with first-degree attempted burglary, fourth-degree assault, harassment, unlawful entry to a motor vehicle and third-degree criminal mischief and is currently being held on $77, 500 bail.

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Pastafarian Sports A Spaghetti Strainer On Head For Drivers License Photo


(PCM) An self-proclaimed “Pastafarian” from Oklahoma is making headlines after she was recently allowed to wear a spaghetti strainer on her head for her drivers license photo.

The woman, named Shawna Hammond, is a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and says she is responsible for religious reasons to wear the colander on her head at all times.

The members of the church claim that the colanders are a symbol of their “Pastafarian” faith. The “Pastafarian” faith came into existence when an atheist and physics graduate by the name of Bobby Henderson composed a satirical letter to the Kansas Board of Education back in 2005. The letter was in protest of the school’s decision to teach intelligent design rather than evolution in science classes.

The letter and movement went viral and now there are thousands of individuals who claim to be members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and practicing “Pastafarians”.

In Hammond’s case, she claims that wearing the colander represents freedom to believe in any religion or no religion at all. The Oklahoma State Law does allow individuals to wear religious headgear for license photos so long as the face is still clearly visible, so it would appear that Hammond has not violated those policies.

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