Ryanair Issues The Perfect Response To Snow Penis Incident


(PCM) We can only assume that airline ramp workers must get pretty bored, especially in-between flights, so it is no real surprise that Ryanair ramp workers in Dublin, Ireland decided to have a little bit of fun to amuse themselves while out on the tarmac.

The ramp workers drew a rather large penis in the snow that was on the ground next to a plane at the Dublin airport. The snow penis was clearly visible to many passengers through the windows of the terminal.

While the ramp workers may have had a good laugh, some passengers were none too pleased and complained to Ryanair management about the issue and they came up with an absolutely perfect response.

Ryanair commented “While our ground crew excel at industry leading 25 minute turnarounds, art isn’t their forte, as they’ve clearly forgotten to draw wings on their ‘snow airplane'”

Brilliant response from the airline! So happy that they were able to keep a sense of humor about the rather hilarious incident.

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Who Wants A Yummy NASA Cheeseburger?


(PCM) A photo, posted by NASA showing astronaut Terry Virts getting ready to consume what is supposed to be a cheeseburger has been picking up quite a bit of steam online.

The photo was taken from outer space and whether or not the meal was meant to look appetizing is certainly up for debate.  We are leaning towards the side of unappetizing as it features tomato paste, a clumpy looking bright yellow cheese paste, a meat substance and a tortilla.

We could only imagine that it would be quite difficult to create an actual cheeseburger while floating in microgravity in the ISS (International Space Station), however the “space cheesburger” definitely seems to leave a bit to be desired.

Virts, himself, posted on Twitter “VERY TASTY” in response to the feedback that his “space cheeseburger” has been receiving, but something tells us there is just a little bit of sarcasm in his response.  We just can’t see anything that looks like that as being “tasty”, but who knows!

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Rats No Longer Thought To Be Responsible For Bubonic Plague


(PCM) New research has now been uncovered that reveals that the fleas on black rats that were initially thought to have caused the bubonic plague many not necessarily be at fault. Instead, researchers have now uncovered information that leads them to believe that it may have been gerbils, not rats that are behind the wide-spread outbreak of the deadly disease.

The bubonic plague, or Black Death, wiped out about 100 million people in Europe during its’ outbreaks that occurred in the mid-14th century and then again in the 1800’s. The new research study posted in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows climate data that dates back to the 14th century that contradicts the conditions that would be cause of the plague outbreaks to have been caused by disease-carrying fleas on the rat population.

Using 15 tree ring records the researchers were able to determine that the plagues occurred in Europe after Asia experienced a particularly wet spring and a warm summer. These conditions are not good for the rat population, however they are excellent for Asia’s gerbil population. It is thought that the gerbils, rather than the rats, along with the disease-ridden fleas traveled along the Silk Road and arrived in Europe several years later causing the horrific bubonic plague outbreaks.

The researchers also claim that this is the reason why the disease would only outbreak every so often instead of staying with the rats that were already living in Europe the entire time.

Definitely food for thought and certainly changes the viewpoint about the cause of the Black Death quite a bit.

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Massachusetts Man Has Started Selling Snow To Other Areas Of The Country


(PCM) All of us here on the East Coast are without a doubt tired of all the snow that has been dumped on our region lately, however one Massachusetts man has decided to take advantage of the situation and hopefully create a little cash on the side.

Kyle Waring came up with a wonderful idea while he was out shoveling the wintery mess. He started the website, ShipSnowyo.com and began offer to ship 6 pounds of snow from winter storm Neptune for the price of $89.

At first, Waring was offering 16 ounce bottles of snow, however they were completely melted by the time that they reached their final destination. He has now discovered a way to ship 6 pounds of snow by wrapping it in aluminum foil and sealing it in a plastic bag in an insulated container.

The snow is then shipped overnight delivery to ensure that it arrives before the snow begins to melt. Waring claims that when the snow arrives despite some melting you can still get about 10-15 good snowballs out of it.

Believe it or not, people are already buying it up, proving that people will buy just about anything crazy and unique on the internet. Waring is already sold out of his initial offerings for six pounds of snow and plans to create several more to keep up with the demand.

He is also offering a whopping 10 pounds of snow for $119 dollars!

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Student Named Dean Who Ordered Fake ID’s Online Had Them Delivered To University Dean


(PCM) Can we say opps! A case of mistaken identity has landed four 18-year old college students from Pennsylvania in some pretty hot water!  They are now facing possible criminal charges, as well as, disciplinary action from the school after they ordered a set of fake ID’s from China and they were mistakenly delivered to the dean of their university.

It seems that when the mail delivery person saw the name Dean on the package he went ahead and delivered them to the actual dean of the university.  When the unidentified dean of the university opened the package he discovered a small lime green picture frame and upon further examination found that taped to the back of the frame were four fraudulent fake-ID’s for the four 18-year old college students.

The university dean contacted the local authorities, who claim that the fake ID’s were made to look very much like official documents from Maryland and Connecticut. They feel the students were mainly trying to us the fake ID’s to get into local bars in the area.


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