Ever Wonder How Many Ridges Are On A Reese’s Cup?


(PCM) The spirit of Halloween got us thinking about some of our favorite Halloween treats, especially the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and of course that led to us wondering just how many ridges are indeed on a full size Reese’s Cup.

We have reached the conclusion that there are 66 ridges on a full size Reese’s Cup and for good measure we took a look at the famous treat sized Reese’s Cups as well which boast 48 ridges.

All the talk about ridges made us think about other items with ridges that we come into contact with day to day. We wanted to know how many ridges were on items such as U.S. coins!

We learned that a U.S. dime has exactly 118 ridges all the way around and they are referred to as reeds. The original currency in the U.S. was crafted out of gold and silver, so the reeds were put in place to prevent people from attempting to harvest the precious metals by filing off the coins edges. It also made the coins more difficult to counterfeit.

A U.S. Quarter features 119 ridges or reeds while the half dollar coin has 150, the dollar coin has 198 and of course the Susan B. Anthony dollar has 133.

There you have it!  You can thank us for your new found trivia knowledge!


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Some Odd Facts We Learned About Halloween


(PCM) As the Halloween holiday draws near many people are running around trying to decorate the house, figure out last minute unique costume ideas (no more from Frozen, please!), and stock up on plenty of treats.

We took a moment to stop and think about the origins of Halloween and many of the myths surrounding the holiday, and finally shed some light on some odd facts that you may or may not know about Samhain, better known as Halloween.

First off, the origin of Halloween comes from the Celtic festival of the dead called Samhain. According to Celtic legend, they believed that the dead roamed on this holiday. That also spawned the custom of putting on a costume and leaving candy outside the door, as it was thought those offerings would appease the roaming spirits.

The original jack-o-lanterns were not made out of pumpkins, but rather were meticulously crafted out of beets, turnips and potatoes. The old Irish tale states that a man referred to as Stingy Jack was out having drinks with the Devil and convinced the Devil to turn himself into a coin to pay for the drinks without spending any money.

The story goes on to reveal that Jack put the Devil, in coin form, in his pocket next to a silver cross that prevented the Devil from once again changing shape. Jack promised to free the Devil if he in return would leave him alone for a year. When the year was up, Jack tricked the Devil again by requesting the Devil pick a piece of fruit out a tree and while he was in the tree carving a cross into a piece of the bark. This prank earned Jack another 10 years of being Devil free and there was also the promise made that the Devil could never claim his soul.

Once Jack finally died, he was not accepted into Heaven and the Devil could not claim him for Hell, so Jack was forced to roam the earth with only a burning coal for light. He put his burning coal into a turnip for light and the rest is history. Stingy Jack then became “Jack of the Lantern” or “Jack-O-Lantern”.  The Irish began carving scary faces on beets and turnips in hopes to scare away Stingy Jack.

We also learned that many states ban the adoption of black cats anytime close to Halloween as they feel then animals could be used for some kind of sacrifice. In recent years, however, the ban has been lifted in many areas and in some cases the animal shelters use the Halloween holiday to their advantage, even running promotions that urge the adoption of black cats and kittens during this time of year.

The colors of both orange and black are typically associated with Halloween. Orange is a color the symbolizes strength and endurance and black can symbolize death and darkness, hence Halloween being viewed as a festival that once marked the boundaries between life and death.

One of the more odd rumors we discovered about Halloween is that if you happen to have a run-in with a spider, not to worry, it is just the spirit of a loved one watching over you. Made us begin to wonder if this could be true with spiders at anytime of the year … if so, then I have probably squished the spirit of a few too many deceased relatives.

A full moon is another creepy occurrence that is often times associated with Halloween, although it is an extreme rarity for one to actually occur on that date. It has only happened in 1925, 1944, 1955 and 1974. The next full moon to occur on Halloween with talk place on 10/31/2020.

A bread called Barmback was traditionally eaten on Halloween. The bread was baked with various objects inside and eating it became something of a fortune-telling game.

Finally, the origins of trick-or-treating, where children go door to door asking for candy has been debated for quite some time. Many cultures had similar practices, for example, in the UK, children would go door to door on Guy Fawkes day and ask for “a penny for the guy.” In Ireland it was fairly customary for orphans and widows to beg for supplies.

The actual phrase “trick-or-treat” seems to have much more modern origins. Some suggest that the phrase began in America in the early 20th century with the arrival of Irish immigrants who brought their mischief along with them. To combat pranks and other mischief by poor children, people suggested offering treats to them as a small bribe.


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Toddler Becomes Trapped In A Claw Machine


(PCM) A mischievous Tennessee toddler recently found himself trapped inside of a claw machine located inside a local laundromat after climbing inside to get his hands on some of the toys.

18-month old Colin Lambert was at the laundromat with his grandmother Diane O’Neill when the incident occurred. O’Neill says that she always keeps a very good eye on Colin because he is known to be quite the little investigator.

O’Neill says she only glanced away from Colin for a moment to check her cell phone and when she turned around again he was gone. She finally spotted her grandson, at least his feet anyway as he was climbing up into the toy claw machine.

O’Neill says she attempted to grab Colin’s feet and pull him out, however he had other plans in mind and proceeded to kick her hand away and continue his climb up into the machine. He made it over the glass partition and the plopped himself right now in the middle of the toys.

The authorities were contacted and little Colin was rescued in a matter of a few moments. The firefighters were even kind enough to let Colin choose one of the toys to keep!

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Oklahoma Church Begins Serving Beer And Hymns?


(PCM) The East Side Christian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma is stirring up some controversy by announcing that they will now begin serving beer and singing hymns on Sunday evenings.

The even odder fact is that the East Side Christian Church is not the only church in the Oklahoma area to begin offering beer and hymns to their various congregations. The event at the East Side Christian Church is just part of a larger event that includes theological discussion and beer sipping in the Tulsa area.

Religious author Christian Piatt will be speaking at the event and it is the churches hope that they will gain more attendance if people know they can get a cold beer. The churches also add that they have put measures in place to be sure that everyone is safe by checking ID’s and limiting those in attendance to no more than three beers.

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The Worst Cities To Be In When The Zombie Apocalypse Strikes!


(PCM) As we inch closer to Halloween, real estate web site Trulia decided to have some fun with the idea of the impending zombie apocalypse and has ranked U.S. cities based on the best and worst places to not become zombie bait.

Trulia claims that the number one worst city to be in during the zombie apocalypse would be Honolulu, Hawaii and they have listed several reasons that support their conclusion. The real estate experts claim that Honolulu has a very high walkability rate and there is a severe lack of hardware stores. (Without hardware stores, there is no place to obtain weapons to fight off the hoards of walking dead)

Honolulu also has a high abundance of hospitals which makes victims trapped in hospital beds almost like a zombie buffet of sorts.

Trulia also lists several other cities you should steer clear of with New York, Newark, NJ, Boston, Baltimore and Washington, DC also ranking high on the list. The site analyzed the following information to reach its’ conclusions: highest walk score, lowest hardware store density, highest hospital density and most congestion.

The high walk scores equal out to how easy it is to get around on foot in an area. The higher the walk score the easier it is for a zombie to chase after a victim. While both hardware stores and hospitals scores are pretty self-explanatory, the issue of congestion comes into play when looking at how far a zombie would have to travel between attacks on victims. The quicker new zombies are created the quicker they take over the world!

According the map shown above the mid-west appears to be one of the safest place with a higher survival rate. Looks like it is time to pack it up and move to Nebraska … or maybe Montana!

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