Couple Find Themselves “Locked” In A Closet For Days After Drug Binge


(PCM) We always love a good story about stupid criminals to start off the New Year. 25 year old Amber Campbell and 31 year old John Arwood recently called the police in Daytona Florida to report that they were trapped in a closet at the Marine and Environmental Science Center.

When police arrived on the scene they report that a putrid odor led to the couples discovery inside of a janitors closest that was … get this … unlocked the entire time! ┬áPolice also found human excrement and drug paraphernalia that was used to smoke meth and crack cocaine with the pair as well.

Once the couple were freed from the closet they were promptly arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. We are guessing that neither one of the had decided to actually try the handle on the door! Doh!

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Tonight Marks The Longest Night In Earth’s History

Winter Solstice Pictures19

(PCM) As many of you are already aware, tonight, December 21st 2014 marks the winter solstice, however there is something even more special about this date this year.

If you reside anywhere in the Northern hemisphere then it will be the longest night the year, however this year tonight will be the longest night to ever happen. The period of darkness in the Northern hemisphere tonight will last just slightly longer than it ever has before.

Being that the planet Earth is over 4.5 billion years old we would say that this is quite an occurrence. The reason that tonight will be slightly longer is due to the fact that the Earth’s rotation has been slowing over time. In fact researchers have even revealed that each day gets a bit longer, if only by about 20 millionths of a second.

Another reason that Earth’s rotation is slowing down is due to the moon and it’s gravitational pull. The moon’s gravity cause the tides to shift and change and as the Earth spins it encounters a little bit of friction from the water’s movements and this too can be a cause to slow the rotation.

Definitely some food for thought and some interesting facts!


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Publicity Stunt From Greenpeace Ruins An Ancient Peruvian Monument


(PCM) A group of environmental activists from Greenpeace are now facing criminal charges after a publicity stunt has caused ruin to an ancient Peruvian monument.

The publicity stunt was put together by Greenpeace activists to bring attention to the issue of climate change across the world. In the stunt the activists entered scared ground in Peru to spell out a message that read “TIME FOR A CHANGE! The future is renewable. Greenpeace.”

The Peruvian government was horrified by the stunt, as it caused irrevocable damage to the 2,000 year old Nazca lines that were etched in the ground on the sacred plateau in Peru. The Nazca line (and now unfortunately the Greenpeace message) are only visible for nearby foothills and by plane. In fact the ground is so scared in Peru, it generally only used for Nazca ceremonial purposes and is incredibly fragile.

The area where the activists tread is somewhere where humans are not supposed to walk in order to continue to preserve the historic and scared site. The Peruvian government claims that by walking in the area, your footprint is going to last hundreds or even thousands of years. The line that the activists have destroyed is perhaps the most important and visible of all.

Everyone is in complete shock that an organization such as Greenpeace would destroy such a sacred area just for their own publicity. Greenpeace has since apologized to Peru for the stunt and the moral offense it may have caused. They are currently in talks to figure out some way to repair the damage that has been done.

Greenpeace says that they will not use the images from the Nazca Line stunt in any future publicity campaigns, but sadly it appears that the damage has already been done.

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Time Capsule From 1795 Discovered In Massachusetts


(PCM) An ongoing water filtration project going on at the Massachusetts State House led to the discovery of a centuries old time capsule that is rumored to have been placed there by Revolutionary War figures such as Paul Revere and Samuel Adams.

The location of the capsule was at one of the granite cornerstones of the house and it is believed that the capsule was placed there during the buildings initial construction back in 1795.

The capsule is a a small copper box believed to be about 219 years old and said to contain old coins, documents, newspapers and a metal plate belonging to Paul Revere himself. While some of the items may have deteriorated over time, it is still considered a major discovery for history buffs.

It is said that the time capsule first surfaced back in 1855 during some emergency repairs that needed to be done on the building however it was not opened during that time and placed back in it’s original location to be discovered again at a later date in time.

Boston’s Museum of The Fine Arts has done an X-ray of the capsule to give everyone a rough idea of what is inside and the items condition. The box will officially be opened sometime this week.

I know we are curious, how about you?

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Two Babies Born At Exactly 10:11 On 12/13/14


(PCM) Baby girl Hazel Grace, who parents are Leisha Campbell and Shawn Zimmerman, was amazingly born at exactly 10:11 am on Saturday, 12/13/14 in Cleveland, Ohio. Nearly two thousand miles away in Tuscon, Arizona baby girl Victoria Marie Jones was also welcomed to the world at exactly the same time!

The birth dates for both babies just so happens to be the very last sequential date that will occur this century. The very special set of numbers has been officially printed on both girls birth certificates and many are saying that perhaps this makes them the very luckiest babies in the world.

Hazel’s mother Leisha says that friends and family are telling them they should play the lottery, especially with their newly born good luck charm.

In the case of Victoria Marie, her parents claim that she was not expected to be born until New Year’s Eve, however she arrived a few weeks earlier than expected on this very special date.


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