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Google’s Motorola Has Patented A Neck Tattoo Smartphone Accessory

neck-tattoo1(PCM) There have always been rumors swirling about how one day our fingers would be implanted with chips that could remember things like our credit card numbers, social security numbers and more and all we would have to do is scan our finger at the store to be able to pay for items, etc. It was always surprising to me that no one had ever thought of a way to implant our little electronic handcuffs, otherwise known as the smartphones straight into or onto our bodies…that is until now!

Google’s Motorola company has patented a new throat tattoo, yes, you read that correctly, a throat tattoo that will be a smartphone-connected system that can be adhered to the throat region of the body as an electronic skin tattoo.

Kinda scary huh?  The neck tattoo would connect to the smartphone via a transceiver much the same as products such as Google Glass or a Bluetooth headset pair up with phone and be equipped with a microphone and it’s own power supply.  You would operate the phone using only voice commands.

The tattoo would not only be able to connect with smartphones, but also gaming consoles, tablets, and more. And just in case anyone was wondering, the tattoos are safe to apply to animals, as well.  You know whenever you need to call Fluffy the cat to let her know you are working late!

No word on when the product will begin any beta testing or be available to the general public. Count me out! This is all getting to be a little bit too sci-fi for me!

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