Testing Set To Begin On The Moller Sky Car!

Sky-car1(PCM) It seems there have been fantasies about the flying car since we entered this decade, and perhaps even before that, but now those fantasies are about to become reality. The Moller Sky Car is about to take flight!

The FAA has recently approved inventor Paul Moller’s Sky Car to begin serious testing. On June 10, 2014, Moller will be able to fly the car for the first time without a tether. In the past, the car has been tested via remote control and by pilot, but was always tethered to the ground.

The Moller Sky Car has several similarities to a helicopter, as it is able to complete vertical take-offs. This places the Moller Sky Car ahead of many other similar inventions as they have been designed with the look and feel of a regular car and require a runway to take off.

The weight of the Moller Sky Car will be only 1,600 pounds due to a light and efficient engine design, and the number also includes the weight of two passengers.

We can’t wait to see this baby in action!

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