World’s Tallest Waterslide Set To Open In Kansas

(PCM) Well, Kansas is probably the place you would least expect to hear about the opening for the world’s tallest waterslide, but needless to say, the Schlitterbahn Kansas will be doing just that!

The park is currently constructing what will be the world’s tallest waterslide, which will supposedly “tower” over the current world’s tallest waterslide the 164 foot tall Insano slide in Brazil.

The new slide named the Verruckt Meg-a-Blaster is being labeled “the world’s tallest, fastest, and most extreme waterslide”.  Verruckt is the German word for insane, go figure! Rumor has it, the average speed going down the slide will be about 65 miles per hour. On a positive note, you will not have to brave the Verruckt Meg-a-Blaster alone. The slide will be a raft slide and you will be sharing the terrifying experience with two to three other individuals.

The construction of the slide is expected to be finished by the time the park is ready to open in the spring of 2014 and the slides exact height will be revealed at that time.

Would you be brave enough to take a ride? Definitely not going to be one for the faint of heart!

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