Fish Flash Frozen In Norway Bay


(PCM) The incredible image above was captured after a very sudden dip in temperatures in Norway caused a Norwegian Bay near the tiny island of Lovund to suddenly freeze trapping thousands of fish that were swimming too close to the surface.

The sudden drop in temperature to minus 7.8 degrees Celsius was caused by a sudden harsh wind in the area. Normally the fish would be swimming underneath the ice, but it just so happened that the shoal of herring were swimming too close to the surface when the temperature dropped suddenly and the water froze around them. They then became trapped mid-swim, which is something you certainly do not see everyday.

A fish expert claims that the herring may have been being chased by a predator, which is what caused them to be swimming closer to the surface and while the fish still remain frozen at this time, predators for these herring are sure to have quite the epic meal when the ice finally thaws and all those fish are available for the picking.

Photo credit: Ingolf Kristiansen

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