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Crime Takes A Bite Out Of Former McGruff Crime Dog Actor

McGruff1(PCM) How about this one for ironic!  Forty-one year old former actor John R. Morales, who acted as the McGruff Crime Dog throughout the nineties, has been sentenced on drug and weapons charges.

Morales plead guilty to both drug and weapons charges and was sentenced to sixteen years and three months in a federal penitentiary. The police discovered over one thousand marijuana plants and twenty seven weapons at a farm owned by Morales back in 2011.

Initially, Morales was pulled over for a speeding violation and when his vehicle was searched police discovered with the assistance of drug sniffing dogs…yes, seriously…marijuana seeds and diagrams detailing the pot growing operations.

I don’t think we could make this one up if we tried. Soon after Morales was busted for the speeding, the police made the raid on his farm which led to his arrest.

McGruff the Crime Dog is a cartoon bloodhound that was created in the early nineteen eighties for the National Crime Prevention Council used by U.S. police in spreading crime awareness to the public. The character was especially geared toward children.

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