Jewel Thief In Paris Seals His Own Fate With a Kiss

kiss1(PCM) Bringing new definition to the term sealed with a kiss, a well-known and highly sought after jewel thief in Paris sealed his own fate with a kiss that he planted on his hostage that led to his eventual arrest.

The twenty year old jewel thief known only as Pierre G and his accomplice followed a fifty-six year old jewelry store employee to her home and then proceeded to tie her to chair. Pierre and the accomplice proceeded to then pour water over the victims head claiming it was gasoline and threatened to light her on fire if she did not give up the alarm codes to the jewelry store.

The woman ended up giving up the alarm codes out of fear and Pierre’s accomplice went to steal the jewels while he stayed with the hostage. This is where Pierre made his mistake, when he placed a kiss on the cheek of the hostage after she was untied. She immediately called the police who were able to swab her cheek a DNA sample.

After a few months, authorities got a match on the DNA and were able to make an arrest. Pierre G admitted to the crime and claimed that he planted the kiss on the victim as a way to ease some of the trauma she had just endured throughout the entire hostage situation.


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