FOX Affiliate Station, KDVR, Accidentally Airs Photo Of A Penis During Crash Coverage


(PCM) A FOX News affiliate station in Denver, Colorado, KDVR, was doing a report on the helicopter crash that occurred near the Seattle Space Needle, when viewers suddenly were shown a lot more than they were expecting to see.

It was the stations intention to filter in some photos that people had been posting on Twitter from the crash scene using an employee’s computer in the control room. At least one image from the crash scene was shown, but along with it were images of Edward Scissorhands, a breakfast omelette and then, much to the shock and horror of the news anchors, an exposed penis.

Producers for the news station acted quickly and immediately cut away from the photo, but not before it had been seen by countless individuals. The look on the faces of the anchors is absolutely priceless!

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