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Large Fish Tank Breaks In Downtown Disney Restaurant

fish-tank1(PCM) Diners at the T.Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney had the unexpected experience of being up close and personal with the aquatic life living in a large fish tank that is the center-piece of the restaurant.

The large circular fish tank sprung a leak and water began gushing out from one of the seams of the tank. Restaurant employees were quick on the feet and were able to usher diners away from the tank and get the situation under control.

Often times when a large cylinder shaped tank is built, two glass half-circles are glued together to create the full cylinder. Over the years the seams can become weak due to the water pressure inside the tank and it appears this is what may have occurred with the T.Rex Cafe tank.

Several diners were able to capture cell-phone videos of the leaking fish tank and sources say that no one was injured during the leak and that employees were able to save all of the fish living inside the tank by quickly transferring them to another one.

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