Police Charge Four Men In 1 World Trade Center Base Jump


(PCM) New York City authorities are poised to charge four men, Andrew Rossig, James Brady, Kyle Hartwell and Marco Markovich with burglary for their base jump off of the 1 World Trade Center building six months ago.

Three of the men jumped from the top of the tower at around 3:00am back on September 30th, while the fourth man remained on the ground as a lookout. The news of the four men being charged comes just after the news broke last week that a teen was able to crawl through a hole in the fence surrounding 1 World Trade Center and make it all the way up to the top floor, which is over 1,300 feet. The teen remained on the top of the building for nearly two hours before he was later nabbed by Port Authority police.

The base jumpers gave security quite a scare when they were spotted via security cameras landing between the Goldman Sachs building and the Conrad hotel. Security did not know if the men were possible terrorists and if they had leaped from the top of the building or a plane.

According to the NY Daily News, it is not clear whether or not the base jumpers entered the 1 World Trade Center site through the same hole in the fence as the teen. They were apprehended by authorities because they had saved and uploaded video from the jump with a GoPro camera.



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