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Santa Barbara Man Swept Out To Sea During Baptism Ceremony

baptism-sea1(PCM) Emergency crews are searching for Benito Flores, a Santa Barbara man, who was swept out to sea during a baptism ceremony over the weekend.

The news reports claim that a large wave rose up and pulled in Flores and two additional individuals. The other two were able to escape to safety, however 43-year old Flores was pulled out to sea. One of the other individuals, who is a cousin of Flores, claims that Flores tried to reach out and grab a hold of him, but a second wave came in a pulled him further out again.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the beach is part of a sand dune preserve in the Santa Barbara area, and individuals are often warned to enter at their own risk, as the waves can become incredibly dangerous. Many of the sand dunes are over 550 ft. high!

Despite the warnings the church group (Jesus Christ Light Of The Sky) still conducted the baptism ceremony on the preserve and have done so at least two to three times per year. For now authorities fear the worst as they continue to search for Flores, incorporating boats and helicopters in their mission, which picked up again this morning.


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