Student Shatters A 19th Century Statue While Taking A Selfie In Milan

Drunken-statue1(PCM) Selfies seem to be a staple in current pop culture today, so it should come as no real surprise that some people will go to great lengths to capture that perfect “selfie” shot. If you are a certain student visiting Italy’s Bera Academy in Milan capturing that super “selfie” caused you to break a 19th century statue, so we really hope you at least got the shot!

According to several witnesses at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bera ,a young man, rumored to be a foreign student, climbed up on the statue of “The Drunken Satyr”  in an attempt to snap a selfie of himself seated on the statue’s leg. When the student climbed up the Greco-Roman statue’s leg was torn off and then shattered into pieces on the floor.

The staff of the Academy only took notice to the damage on Tuesday and with no working cameras in the hallway where the statue was placed, it is going to be nearly impossible for anyone to track down the student at fault.

The statue of “The Drunken Satyr” features a human-like figure drunkenly sleeping but fortunately the statue that the student damaged is a copy of an Ancient Greek model that was discovered in Rome’s Castel Sant’Angelo around 400 years ago.

The original “Drunken Satyr,” statue is still safe in the Glyptothek museum in Germany, however the Bera Academy is still angered about the incident but understand that it was an accident and claim the statue was set for a restoration project anyway.


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