Angry Worker Sends More Than 1,000 Ducks To His Ex-Boss’ Apartment


(PCM) A Chinese man, who goes by the name of Xiang, decided to exact a little revenge on his former boss with the assistance of more than 1,000 baby ducklings.

Xiang ordered the baby ducklings online and had them shipped to his e-boss’ apartment. The dispute was initiated over the fact that Xiang felt his ex-boss still owed him the amount of $500 and it has been going on for nearly three years.

Xiang left his job, but before he left, he told his ex-boss that he was still owed some back wages. The ex-boss disagreed and claimed that Xiang had already been paid up.

As the feud continued to escalate, that is when Xiang decided to bring in the ducks. The farmer who shipped the ducklings to the ex-boss’ apartment, says once they were sent the were left to wander freely all over the home.

When the farmer inquired about payment for the ducklings from Xiang, he was directed to contact Xiang’s ex-boss and then the farmer himself became entangled in the wage dispute. He put a stop to it quite quickly and called in local authorities for assistance.

A deal was worked out between the ex-boss and the farmer to pay for the shipment of the ducklings and as for Xiang and the ex-boss, they were referred to another group of authorities to help sort out their dispute.

No word yet on whether or not Xiang received his back wages or if the ducklings were returned to the farmer.

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