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A British Woman Joins The Mile-High Club With Her Parents On The Same Flight


(PCM) A twenty-year old British woman had to be handcuffed to her seat after she began hurling insults at the crew members aboard a Virgin Atlantic Flight bound for Las Vegas, NV after they broke up her mile-high club adventure with the man (a stranger) who was seated next to her.

The pair were being so loud in the planes restroom that a flight attendant was forced to break down the door out of concern. To make matters even worse (and more embarrassing) the woman was traveling to Vegas on holiday and was accompanied by her parents.

We didn’t think the adage ‘What Happens In Vegas, stays in Vegas” counted until you actually exited the plane?

The sexual tryst occurred on a nearly eleven hour flight from London to Vegas and once the plane had landed the woman was taken off the plane by police, issued a warning and then let go!

I would have loved to see the look on her parents faces?  Nice way to start the family vacation…well, at least it will be memorable.

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