Lions And Tigers And Bears..Oh My! Trio Of Animals Form An Unlikely Friendship!


(PCM) A very unlikely trio of animals have formed an incredible friendship at an animal sanctuary in Georgia. Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger were discovered together as baby cubs in the basement of an Atlanta area drug dealers basement.

When discovered the cubs were in terrible condition, but appeared to have gotten through their dire circumstances by taking care of one another. When rescued and taken to the animal sanctuary, Noah’s Ark, the cubs were nuzzling and playing with one another. It now appears that their deep, yet unlikely, friendship has stayed true right into adulthood.

Noah’s Ark is the only animal sanctuary in the world where bear, lion and tiger live together in the same housing enclosure and are lovingly referred to as The BLT (bear, lion, tiger). There has even been a Facebook page dedicated to the three predators and it boasts, “The most amazing relationship you will ever see between three very large predators in your lifetime.”

Baloo the bear weighs 700lbs, Leo the lion is 500lbs and Shere Kahn the tiger is 400lb and it is truly amazing to watch these three interact with one another. They do everything together including eat, sleep and play! It seems that dire circumstances can have their way of creating some quite unusual, and adorable, relationships. We are just thrilled that these animals are healthy and safe.


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