Baltimore Police Take Down A Bull Running Through The City


(PCM) And we thought that the running of the bulls only took place in Spain!  Recently, Baltimore police shot and killed a bull that had made an escape for a city slaughterhouse and was running loose down the city streets.

The animal was shot down around 10:15 am on Friday morning in the Mount Vernon neighborhood, which is the location of many bars, restaurants, and shops. The Baltimore Police Department received numerous calls from concerned residents and business owners about the bull that was running around freely.

The police department claim that they made several attempts to trap the animal before killing it and say that the bull was becoming increasingly aggressive during the chase.

After the animal was eventually taken out, police moved their vehicles in front of the carcass to block the view and it was eventually hauled away by a company that recycles restaurant grease and animal byproducts.

This is the type of situation that you might find in rural farmland, but certainly not in the middle of downtown Baltimore, but then again it was Friday the 13th and a full moon!

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