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Man Makes A Cross-Country Trip With Dead Girlfriend And His Mother


(PCM) A Detroit, Michigan man by the name of Ray Tomlinson is in some hot water after he drove cross-country with the body of his dead girlfriend and his 93-year old mother in his van.

Tomlinson and his mother set out to pick up Tomlinson’s 31-year old girlfriend who was checking herself out of the metal health facility in Arizona. Tomlinson claims that at some point on the drive back to Michigan from Arizona, his girlfriend fell asleep. He says that when he tried to wake her up, she would not respond and her body had gone cold.

In a panic Tomlinson did a quick search on his phone and discovered that he had 48 hours to get this girlfriends body to a medical examiner or the morgue. Now, here is where it gets really bizarre. Instead of taking the body to the proper place, Tomlinson instead just kept driving.

Even after he received a call from the mental health facility and told them what had happened and was informed to pull over and call the authorities, Tomlinson still continued to keep driving.

The metal heath facility contacted the authorities and explained the situation and the authorities then got in contact with Tomlinson and arranged to meet him at the home of his son when he made it back to Michigan.

Authorities claim that when Tomlinson was found he was sitting on the curb out front of the home in tears and his dead girlfriend, still wearing her seatbelt and sunglasses, was still inside the van, along with Tomlinson’s mother who was discovered in a wheelchair in the back.

Tomlinson claims he was in total denial about his girlfriends death and felt too guilty to leave her body at a hospital. Sources claim that the girlfriend had a drug problem and may have taken pain killers before the drive began. Thus far no charges have been filed against Tomlinson, however his mother has been placed in protective custody.

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