KKK Bribes Recruitment With Bags Of Candy


(PCM) A South Carolina neighborhood recently received quite an odd surprise when they discovered that bags of candy had been left in their driveways courtesy of the Ku Klux Klan or KKK for short.

While they may have tried to sugar-coat their delivery, the message attached to the bags of candy was definitely quite the opposite. The written pamphlets and materials attached said “Save our land, Join the Klan” and included a phone number to call for recruitment details.

A member of the group responsible for delivering the candy and recruitment message says that all of the houses were chosen at random and claimed that from the outside of a house you can not tell who lives there. He went on to say that they could have been black, white, Mexican or gay and the Klan members had no way of determining those factors.

The Klan member also revealed to the news that the KKK receives over 20,000 phone calls a day from individuals looking to become members and they claim to have more than 8,500 active members in the country.

Scary stuff! The candy was dropped off during one of the three annual recruitment nights the Klan has throughout the year.

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