Could Sniffing Farts Really Be Good For You?


(PCM) Somehow I feel like this going to be another one of those stories that gets debunked or proven false rather quickly, however it has been stated scientifically that smelling small doses of farts could be beneficial to your overall health.

Researchers have found that small doses of hydrogen sulfide help keep cells healthy and can assist with warding off diseases such as diabetes, dementia and even certain forms of cancer.

The researchers found that hydrogen sulfide, which is produced in our stomachs and cause behind gas, while can be lethal in large doses, it is actually quite beneficial in smaller as it preserves mitochondria, which is vital to cell life.

The hydrogen sulfide is well known for its’ often foul and unpleasant odor and because it is produced naturally by the body it has the potential, according to researchers to be an excellent possible tool in assisting with the treatment for various illnesses and diseases.

Researchers are not urging everyone to go around and begin sniffing at each other’s you know whats or hang outside your local burrito stand in hopes of some passing gas, as they have developed a special compound called AP39 that will deliver just the proper amount of hydrogen sulfide to cells.

I’m still on the fence about this whole story and sniffing farts on purpose is generally not a practice we plan to engage in, but perhaps the next time that person in front me in the grocery store or standing next to me in the buffet line lets off a big one, I should tap them on the shoulder and just say thank you for possibly saving my life!

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