Delivery Driver Comes Up With A Homicide Hoax In An Attempt To Save His Job


(PCM) A young New York pizza delivery driver is in some serious trouble after creating a homicide hoax story in an attempt to save his job when he was running late on a delivery.

18 year old Mason A. Requa placed a phone call to 911 around 9pm last Wednesday claiming that he had just witnessed a homicide taking place. He gave an incredibly accurate description of the type of vehicle involved, the victims clothing, the alleged attackers, as well as the weapons used.

He told the authorities that he had witnessed a seven year old female victim being decapitated by a man with a machete, however thankfully, the whole story has turned out to be false.

Police and authorities searched the area that Requa had described for nearly four hours before Requa finally admitted that he had made the entire story up because he was afraid of losing his job, as he was late on a delivery. Seems pretty elaborate for us, but people do crazy things under pressure.

Requa is currently being held behind bars for giving false accounts to the police and will have his day in court sometime this week.

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