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Danish Town Places GPS Trackers On Homeless Population


(PCM) The Danish town of Odense is trying something a little bit out of the ordinary to study and keep track of their homeless population. The town selected 20 homeless volunteers to be outfitted with GPS tracking devices, so that the officials can track their movements and patterns.

The town says that they are tracking the homeless so that they can get a better idea of where to place objects such as benches and shelters. Town council member Tom Rodding said “We want to know how we in the council can adapt and keep making offers to the socially marginalized. Those who just want to sit on a bench and drink beers. We know too little about how they move around town”.

The volunteers were asked to carry the GPS tracking device around in their pockets for a week. The GPS tracking will also aid social workers in the area looking to help the homeless be able to located their intended targets.

The GPS trackers first made their appearance in nursing homes, where they were used to keep track of dementia patients who would often wander away. It was from there that the idea came to light that these devices could be used for additional purposes as well!.

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