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Man Threatens Cats With A Hand-Painted Yard Sign


(PCM) A Mississippi man may have taken things a bit too far after posting a crudely painted wooden sign in his front yard threatening death to any cats that should happen to enter.

The man, who has only been identified by his first name Kevin, was completely fed up with his neighbors cat entering his yard and exciting his dog, who would then begin destroying things such as the window blinds. It was out of sheer frustration that he posted the large yard sign that read “If you have a cat, keep it in your yard or I will kill it.”

Kevin claims that the sign was probably not the smartest choice in dealing with the issue and removed the sign after receiving several death threats himself from local area cat lovers.

The incident was even reported to the mayor’s office in Mississippi, who sent out animal control to investigate. Kevin claims he would never kill a cat, but he had just not had his morning coffee yet when he made the threatening sign. Animal control will continue to keep an eye on Kevin in case of any additional incidents. Someone send this man some Starbucks stat!

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