Venemous Cobra On The Loose In Southern California


(PCM) Southern California officials are on the hunt for dangerous venemous cobra that is currently on the loose in the area. The news of the cobra on the loose was brought to the attention of animal control officers after it bit a dog in the neighborhood of Thousand Oaks.

The dog that was bitten was initially in critical condition, but was able to be saved and it now recuperating at home. Residents in the area are urged to keep their pets inside, however the cobra’s diet generally consists of mostly rodents. It could attack other animals or people if it were to feel threatened.

The animal control officers identified the cobra as a rare albino monocled cobra. Cobras are listed as restricted animals in the state of California and someone is required to have a permit for owning one, even then they are only supposed to be owned for the purposed of education and scientific research.

The owner of the snake has not yet been identified and so far now additional attacks from the animal have been reported, but the hunt certainly continues.

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