Missing Parrot Returns Home Four Years Later Speaking Spanish!


(PCM) Nigel, the African grey parrot, had been missing from his home in Torrence, CA for nearly four years, but recently returned and appears to have had quite the adventure during his time away.

Nigel was owned by a British man by the name of Darren Chick and even adopted Chicks’ British accent over time. Parrots are well known to be mimics of human speech and will often begin to sound like their owners.

Nigel went missing about four years and was only discovered to belong to Chick after a veterinarian found him while searching for her own missing bird. The veterinarian was contacted by the owner of a local dog spa who found the bird outside of her business.

She caught the bird and placed him in a cage, it was at this time that they discovered that the bird spoke a few words of Spanish and was obviously around someone named Larry during his time away. All traces of his British accent were gone.

It turns out that Nigel was microchipped and veterinarian was able to track down Nigel’s original owner, Mr. Chick. Chick recognized Nigel right away and despite the fact that Nigel gave Chick a little nip when he was first picked up, but they are happy to be reunited at home at long last.

We assume that Nigel’s little four year adventure will always remain a mystery!

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