Toddler Becomes Trapped In A Claw Machine


(PCM) A mischievous Tennessee toddler recently found himself trapped inside of a claw machine located inside a local laundromat after climbing inside to get his hands on some of the toys.

18-month old Colin Lambert was at the laundromat with his grandmother Diane O’Neill when the incident occurred. O’Neill says that she always keeps a very good eye on Colin because he is known to be quite the little investigator.

O’Neill says she only glanced away from Colin for a moment to check her cell phone and when she turned around again he was gone. She finally spotted her grandson, at least his feet anyway as he was climbing up into the toy claw machine.

O’Neill says she attempted to grab Colin’s feet and pull him out, however he had other plans in mind and proceeded to kick her hand away and continue his climb up into the machine. He made it over the glass partition and the plopped himself right now in the middle of the toys.

The authorities were contacted and little Colin was rescued in a matter of a few moments. The firefighters were even kind enough to let Colin choose one of the toys to keep!

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