The Worst Cities To Be In When The Zombie Apocalypse Strikes!


(PCM) As we inch closer to Halloween, real estate web site Trulia decided to have some fun with the idea of the impending zombie apocalypse and has ranked U.S. cities based on the best and worst places to not become zombie bait.

Trulia claims that the number one worst city to be in during the zombie apocalypse would be Honolulu, Hawaii and they have listed several reasons that support their conclusion. The real estate experts claim that Honolulu has a very high walkability rate and there is a severe lack of hardware stores. (Without hardware stores, there is no place to obtain weapons to fight off the hoards of walking dead)

Honolulu also has a high abundance of hospitals which makes victims trapped in hospital beds almost like a zombie buffet of sorts.

Trulia also lists several other cities you should steer clear of with New York, Newark, NJ, Boston, Baltimore and Washington, DC also ranking high on the list. The site analyzed the following information to reach its’ conclusions: highest walk score, lowest hardware store density, highest hospital density and most congestion.

The high walk scores equal out to how easy it is to get around on foot in an area. The higher the walk score the easier it is for a zombie to chase after a victim. While both hardware stores and hospitals scores are pretty self-explanatory, the issue of congestion comes into play when looking at how far a zombie would have to travel between attacks on victims. The quicker new zombies are created the quicker they take over the world!

According the map shown above the mid-west appears to be one of the safest place with a higher survival rate. Looks like it is time to pack it up and move to Nebraska … or maybe Montana!

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