American Tries To Ship Infant Body Parts To The U.S. From Thailand


(PCM) Workers at a DHL shipping location in Pathum Thai Province, just outside of Bangkok in Thailand recently discovered several parcels that contained human body parts. More specifically, infant body parts that included an infants skull, internal organs and a few pieces of human skin.

Thai police reveal that it was an American citizen who was attempting to ship the body parts over to the U.S. from Thailand and the parts were preserved in formaldehyde and sealed in plastic bags.

According to CNN, infant body parts are often times sold on the black market in Thailand as some individuals who practice black magic believe that supernatural powers come from infant body parts. They believe that possessing these items can ward off bad luck, provide protection and even harbor business success.

The police have also revealed that they have been in contact with the American buyer and no charges have been filed in this case. The unidentified American buyer claims that he made the purchase of the infant body parts at a nighttime flea market and paid about $100 for the three parcels. Authorities are on the search for the seller, however the buyer was unsuccessful at leading police to the actual flea markets location.

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