Money Rains On A Maryland Highway


(PCM) Drivers on a Maryland highway got quite the surprise when all of a sudden it began to rain down cold hard cash from the skies. Drivers scrambled to collect the flying cash, some even simply rolling down their window and hold their hand outside to catch a few of the flying bills.

The incident occurred after one of the doors of an armored car swung open and a bag full of money fell out and hit the ground. Of course, the driver made an attempt to pull over, but by that point the damage had be already done and the thousands of dollars had already flown out onto the roadway.

As soon as the incident occurred, drivers were already scrambling out of their vehicles and attempting to collect as much cash as possible. The exact amount of cash that escaped the truck is unknown at this time, but when police searched their area they were only able to find about $200.

Thus far, only one drivers conscience got the better of her and she returned over $1,000 of the money she had collected. Police have announced that they will indeed be reviewing traffic cameras in the area and those who snatched up the cash could face theft charges if they are caught.

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