Russian Boy Becomes A Human Magnet After A Massive Electrical Shock


(PCM) 12-year old Russian boy Nikolai Kryaglyachenko was one his way home from school when he stopped to lean against a lamppost with faulty wiring and received a massive electrical shock that sent him flying across the road.

He is now claiming that he has become a living magnet (think real life Magneto from X-Men) as he is now finding that coins, spoons and other objects are able to stick to his skin.

After the initial electric shock, despite being a bit groggy, the boy was able to make it home and tell his mother what had happened. When he awoke the next morning, he discovered that some coins that had been dropped in his mattress were suddenly stuck to his skin. During breakfast he dropped his spoon and it stuck to his chest, leading him to believe that some was definitely up.

The boy told new reporters that he can now do things that he could never do before and has even taken to demonstrating his new skill set to his classmates. He claims he does not have much control over the objects that he attracts and even had a glass of water start inching its’ way towards him at one point.

Young Nikolai is not the first person to claim to have magnetic ability. After the 1986 nuclear disaster in Chernoybl a factory worker and his family claimed to have the same abilities.

Scientists have debunked the people turning magnetic claim and instead chalk it up to the individuals having incredibly sticky skin.

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