TGI Fridays Mistletoe Drone Clips Off The Tip Of A Woman’s Nose


(PCM) About a month ago, TGI Fridays restaurant chain revealed their mobile mistletoe drones which would hover over the heads of customers and encourage them to kiss one another.  The restaurant claimed the drones were creating “mobile mistletoe mischief”, however it seems the drones themselves rather than the mistletoe attached have created a different type of mischief all together.

One of the drones that was being operated in the TGI Fridays restaurant in Sheepshead Bay, NY went out of control and snipped off the tip of a woman’s nose. The operator of the drone was trying to land it on the woman’s head, but instead missed his target and ended up clipping off part of her nose and cutting her chin.

So far the drone’s operator is refusing to accept blame for the incident claiming that it would not have happened if the woman did not flinch. We say, wouldn’t you flinch if by surprise a 10 inch drone attempted to unexpectedly land on your head?? Also, TGI Fridays themselves have not officially acknowledged the injury. Do we smell a lawsuit brewing this holiday season?

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