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Time Capsule From 1795 Discovered In Massachusetts


(PCM) An ongoing water filtration project going on at the Massachusetts State House led to the discovery of a centuries old time capsule that is rumored to have been placed there by Revolutionary War figures such as Paul Revere and Samuel Adams.

The location of the capsule was at one of the granite cornerstones of the house and it is believed that the capsule was placed there during the buildings initial construction back in 1795.

The capsule is a a small copper box believed to be about 219 years old and said to contain old coins, documents, newspapers and a metal plate belonging to Paul Revere himself. While some of the items may have deteriorated over time, it is still considered a major discovery for history buffs.

It is said that the time capsule first surfaced back in 1855 during some emergency repairs that needed to be done on the building however it was not opened during that time and placed back in it’s original location to be discovered again at a later date in time.

Boston’s Museum of The Fine Arts has done an X-ray of the capsule to give everyone a rough idea of what is inside and the items condition. The box will officially be opened sometime this week.

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