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Couple Find Themselves “Locked” In A Closet For Days After Drug Binge


(PCM) We always love a good story about stupid criminals to start off the New Year. 25 year old Amber Campbell and 31 year old John Arwood recently called the police in Daytona Florida to report that they were trapped in a closet at the Marine and Environmental Science Center.

When police arrived on the scene they report that a putrid odor led to the couples discovery inside of a janitors closest that was … get this … unlocked the entire time!  Police also found human excrement and drug paraphernalia that was used to smoke meth and crack cocaine with the pair as well.

Once the couple were freed from the closet they were promptly arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. We are guessing that neither one of the had decided to actually try the handle on the door! Doh!

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