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Man Terrorizing An Ohio Neighborhood By Defecating On Vehicles


(PCM) Known to residents of a neighborhood in Akon, Ohio as the “mystery pooper”, police are on the search for a man who has been defecating on at least 19 vehicles in the area.

Sources claim that the man, who appears to be in this late-40’s, has actually been pooping on vehicles around the neighborhood at night since back in 2012. Many residents initially felt that some kind of animal was responsible, however the man was eventually caught in the act by a resident who set up a time lapse camera.

One poor resident even claims that his car was defecated on not only once, but six times in total. This has got to be a case of an angry neighbor, as it appears that the “mystery pooper” is only targeting one specific neighborhood and no other incidents have been reported in the area.

The “mystery pooper” is still at large and if caught he could be facing charges of criminal mischief if flushed out by police.

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