Man With Last Name King Set To Marry Woman With The Last Name Burger


(PCM) Seriously, what are the chances!  Meet the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Burger-King, a match made in fast-food heaven.  The couple, Joel Burger and Ashley King are set to tie the knot in Illinois sometime later this year.

Sources say that the couple have been friends since kindergarten, but only began dating right before starting college. While they have understandably received a ton of teasing from friends about their fast food royalty surnames, they don’t plan to let any hecklers bring them down.

The couple have fully embraced their nickname and even posed of joke engagement photos in front of a Burger King restaurant sign. It is also rumored that the couple plans to serve drinks at their upcoming wedding out of Burger King cups with each guests name written on the side.

It wonderful to see that they are keeping a sense of humor about it and we know one thing for sure, it is definitely going to be one whopper of a wedding!


This will be a whopper of a wedding indeed with the news that the Burger King company will be paying the expenses for the wedding and providing gifts for this uniquely named Illinois couple.

A spokesperson for Burger King said that the company felt an overwhelming urge to help the couple celebrate their upcoming wedding which will be held July 17th in Jacksonville. s

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