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City Of Boston Is Allowing Smokers To Vote With Their Butts


(PCM) The city of Boston has come up with quite a unique idea for getting rid of the dirty cigarette butts that often litter the city’s streets. They have no placed special receptacles in seven select higher traffic areas of the city that allow smokers to vote on a simple question.

The cigarette butt receptacles each feature two disposal holes and each is decorated with a question that only has two possible answers. Smokers can answer the question by tossing their butt into which answer they agree with more.

For example, one butt receptacle asks smokers: “Which superpower would you want?” Smokers can deposit their butts in an opening for “Flight” or for “Invisibility.”

It is definitely a unique way to collect survey data and have some fun while attempting to clean up the city streets.  The cigarette butt receptacles in total cost the city about $3,000, however compared with street clean-up costs, it is definitely more of a bargain.

The receptacles are part of the city’s Neat Streets program and users who would like to suggest a question to be printed on the next round of butt receptacles are urged to tweet suggestion to #NeatStreetsBros.


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