132-Year Old Lobster Released After 20 Years Of Restaurant Captivity!

(PCM) Louie is the name of the 132-year old lobster who resided in the shellfish aquarium at Peter’s Clam Bar located in Long Island, NY for the past 20 years. Louie was recently granted a pardon and his freedom to swim about somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean after so many years kept in captivity. Restaurant owner Butch Yamali began to look at Louie more as a pet over the years and felt it was the perfect time to grant his release, especially considering it was National Lobster Day.

Louie was taken out of his tank and placed on a motorboat to live out the rest of his days deep within the ocean. Yamali claims the release was bittersweet as he had grown quite attached to Louie, but he realized he was probably ready to go and he was also the restaurants largest and oldest lobster. It was most likely due to Louie’s overall size the he was never sold during this 20 years residing in the tank, however Yamali also commented that he had just received an offer not that long ago from someone looking to purchase Louie and cook him for a Father’s Day feast. Seems a bit tragic to us after all those years.

Yamali was offered over $1,000 for Louie, but he declined the offer and stuck with his initial plan to set Louie free. Louie was pardoned during a ceremony that took place with Long Island city officials and he was then set free. Some believe that Louie may actually be the oldest lobster that was kept in captivity in New York state and that he was most likely born sometime around 1885. Lobsters can live well over a century according to marine life experts. Experts also claim that lobsters can easily re-adapt to their natural habitats so the transition should not give Louie any problems, despite having a slightly damaged front claw.

Everyone hope that Louie will find a mate and live out the rest of his days in undersea bliss …heck, he earned it, right?

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