Angry Homeowner Gets The Last Laugh On A Commuter Who Parked In Her Driveway!


(PCM) Julie Geue of Crowborough, East Sussex had finally reached her boiling point and had enough of commuters continuing to park their cars in the driveway of her home. She got her sweet revenge on one very unlucky commuter by blocking his car in with a one ton bag of gravel.

The commuter had left his car in Geue’s driveway and headed off to the nearby train station. Geue obtained the gravel because her driveway was scheduled to be graveled later that day, however the work could not be carried out because the man’s car was in the way. It seems however that Geue put the unused gravel to good use, as the commuter was not able to get his car out for about two days.

The commuter tried to defend his actions and claimed he thought he was parking at friends residence and got confused, however Geue was at her wits end and says after ten years of dealing with commuters parking in her driveway, she had finally decided to take action.

Geue even went as far as to leave a note attached to the gravel bag with a shovel, which read “Happy digging, at least it’s not raining”! Looks like Geue definitely got the last laugh and hopefully will finally be able to gravel her driveway!