Apparently There Is Now A Doritos Flavored Version Of Mountain Dew


(PCM) I don’t know about you, but the thought of any type of Doritos flavored beverage does not sound very appealing, however for those that are feeling a bit experimental it actually does exist.

There is a photo circulating on Reddit that was taken during a tasting event held at Kent State University that allowed students to sample the Doritos flavored Mountain Dew which happens to appropriately called “Dewritos”.

The students claimed that their samples of the beverage actually did taste like Doritos. It was described as tasting like orange with a Doritos aftertaste. The students also said that after the initial taste the beverage was just like drinking straight Doritos and it was the strangest thing they have ever drank.

When asked about the product a Mountain Dew spokesperson told Time Magazine that they are currently testing it out at various universities and they are always testing out new flavors. They enjoy giving fans a chance to have a voice in the development of new products and flavors from the company.

Would you try “Dewritos”? ¬†Or should Doritos only be a flavor for chips?