The Baby Eating Statue of Bern


(aMyth) Completed in 1546, the “Kindlifresserbrunnen” is a fountain in Bern, Switzerland. Translated, the name means “Fountain of the Eater of Little Children”. For nearly 500 years the fountain has been a reminder for the children of Bern to behave, in particular around Switzerland’s Fastnacht, or ”Night of Fasting” festival, during the week after ash Wednesday. read more

A Restaurant In Pakistan Named It’s Sandwiches After Alleged Abusers And Rapists


(PCM) Table No. 5, a restaurant in Pakistan, is receiving a ton of backlash after they chose quite an offensive theme for their menu items. While the restaurant claims that they don’t officially pay tribute to violence against women or have any misogynistic beliefs, their menu appears to prove otherwise as they have named their sandwiches after several alleged abusers and rapists. read more