The Robot Revolution! How Far Is Too Far?

(PCM) We have seen news about advancement in the areas of technology and robotics growing at a rapid speed over the last several years. In the early days, many robots appeared to look very mechanical, such as being made of metal and having various buttons and dials, however now the robots that are being created are looking more and more life-like each and every day, almost to a scary degree. read more

Devil Baby Attack Gives New Yorkers Quite A Scare

(PCM) The ingenious folks over at Thinkmondo have struck again, scaring the crap out of people in New York City by creating an incredibly realistic demon baby.

You may remember Thinkmondo as the company that created the viral marketing campaign for the release of the “Carrie” remake during which a girl made books, tables and dishes fly in a local coffee shop, while scaring patrons half to death. read more