Happy Birthday To Chicken Boy! Perfect Way To Kick-Off National Eat Chicken Month!


(PCM) Chicken Boy is a gigantic 22-foot tall statue that currently resides along historic Route 66 in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, California. After many tumultuous years of being taken up and down and resting for two years in a storage facility Chicken Boy finally found his permanent home upon the roof of 5558 North Figueroa an art design firm owned by Amy Inouye. read more

7 Holidays You Won’t Believe Exist

(PCM) The wonderful people over at Buzzfeed have complied a list of seven holidays from around the globe, that are so strange you may not believe they exist.

The video features a glimpse of La Tomatina in Spain which is essentially the world’s largest food fight, Hadaka Matsuri in Japan also referred to as the ‘naked festival, Songkran in Thailand which consists of everyone spraying one another with water guns and a few others. read more