Canadian Family Lives With A Corpse For Six Months In Hopes Of A Resurrection


(PCM) A devout Christian family was discovered to be living with the corpse of the family patriarch in hopes that he would eventually be resurrected from the dead.

50 year old Kaling Wald plead guilty to keeping her husbands decomposing corpse in a bedroom and from refraining to tell police or the coroner that her husband had passed away from an illness that was not treated by a medical professional. read more

Self-Proclaimed “Party Girl” Enjoys A Beer And Cigarette At Her Own Funeral


(PCM) Lately there seems to be a growing trend in which people are celebrating the lives of their lost loved ones rather than the traditional funeral mourning. They have come up with creative ways to showcase the person’s life and in the case of one New Orlean’s woman that was to prop her up in a living room setting with an ice cold beer and a cigarette in her hand. read more