Chihuahuas Are On The Loose In Arizona

Chihuahua1(PCM) No, this is not the title to the next Disney movie, although it would be kind of humorous. In all seriousness, Chihuahuas are on the loose and wreaking havoc on the town of Maryvale, a suburb just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

Animal control officers in the area are reporting large numbers of stray dogs in the area and place the blame on foreclosures and undocumented workers being forced away leading to a large number of small dogs running wild.

The Animal Control officers are currently receiving thousands of calls from residents in the area reporting sighting of stray Chihuahuas on the streets. The residents are claiming that the strays are chasing children and running around from yard to yard in groups of about eight to twelve. Children are having trouble walking to school without being harassed by about ten to fifteen dogs. Didn’t we warn you to watch out for those unruly Chihuahua gangs?!?!

So far the only solution that Animal Control has come up with is that if you see the Chihuahua’s in your yard, try to block them in there until Animal Control officers arrive, and also please be sure to spay or neuter your pets and keep them on a leash.