Crystals Make It Possible For Humans To Breathe Underwater


(PCM) A group of Danish scientists have made a breakthrough by creating crystals that will allow humans to breathe underwater without the assistance of an oxygen tank. They even say that these new absorption crystals could even be used to help individuals suffering from certain respiratory aliments that require the use of heavy oxygen tanks.

The crystalline material discovered by the scientists has the ability to pull oxygen out of both water and air. It can then bind to and store oxygen in high concentrations. The crystals can also control the release time and amount of oxygen depending on the needs of each individual user. It could basically turn people into their very own version of the superhero Aquaman! Just think of the possibilities.

Scientists from the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Sydney, Professor Christine McKenzie and Jonas Sundberg, showed that approximately 10 liters of microscopic crystal grains, could be enough to completely suck the oxygen out of a room.

The scientists say “A few grains contain enough oxygen for one breath, and as the material can absorb oxygen from the water around the diver and supply the diver with it, the diver will not need to bring more than these few grains.” The crystals use the element cobalt which is then bound in an organic molecule.

The material has a sponge like effect with oxygen. Once the oxygen has been absorbed by the crystals a bit of heat or low oxygen pressure causes it to be released. The scientists are also looking into whether or not light could have any effect on the crystals as well.

There has been no additional information released about how the crystals would actually work on human test subjects, however there is certainly a lot of promise with this amazing discovery. crystalline-material

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