Early Apollo Mission Reports Strange Music-Like Noises From The Far Side Of The Moon


(PCM) The popular Science Channel series “NASA’s Unexplained Files” has returned for a new season and provides us with a fascinating look the mysteries of space and the latest evidence for life beyond Earth. The series recently looked at some very early Apollo missions where astronauts reported hearing very strange music-like noises during their journey around to the dark side of the moon.

The astronauts who were on the Apollo 10 mission back in 1969 reported hearing a strange, whistling-like music when orbiting around the moon. The flight crew observed the sounds while on the dark side of the moon and while out of radio contact with NASA ground control. At the time they did not report the sounds to ground control and their recorded conversation about the strange and eerie noises was considered classified until 2008 when it was finally released to the public.

There is much debate as to whether or not what the astronauts heard was actually radio interference from another space craft or if it could possibly be some kind of alien communications from within our galaxy. The astronauts who were on the mission made the decision to never discuss hearing the noises publicly as they did not want their mental health to come into question or possibly jeopardize their involvement in any future missions.

The dark side of the moon has always been clothed in both myth and mystery, as it has been photographed by space satellites, however no astronaut has physically ventured out to explore the far-side of the moon in person. Many believe it is the source for both alien and UFO conspiracies.

“NASA’s Unexplained Files” will air new episodes beginning on Tuesday, Feb 23 at 10pm on Science Channel.