Eau de Death: The Scent To Keep You Safe During The Zombie Apocalypse!


(PCM) We all know the zombie apocalypse is bound to happen sooner or later right? Well, the good folks over at American Chemist want to be sure you are safe and to coincide with the upcoming season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, they have revealed Eau de Death, the only cologne you will need to survive the rise of the dead.

We all know that zombies are only attracted to the scent of living human flesh, so why not mask yourself in the scent of death. Researchers have discovered that the key to creating the perfect scent of death (and zombie camouflage) is to mix together two compounds that are found within the human body as it decomposes and who could ask for a better name than : putrescine and cadavarine.

Both chemicals give off that scent of death even at very low quantities and are active in parts per billion.  In the video, seen below, it is noted that a modified version of the E. coli bacteria could act as a “little factory” for the chemicals, producing the putrescine and cadverine (as well as a little bit of methanethiol for that “rotten egg, boiled cabbage smell”) all in a single pot.

Yum!  We can’t even imagine how delicious that must smell! Now, where do we stock up?