Elephant Greets Another Elephant For The Very First Time

Mila-elephant1(PCM) Mila, the elephant, has been making headlines recently as she and a fellow elephant, Mary, adorably embraced during their first meeting at Mila’s new home in the San Diego Zoo.

What makes this encounter all the more special is that Mila hasn’t seen another elephant in over 30 years. The 41-year old African elephant led the solitary life of a circus performer before she was then moved to a zoo in New England. Tragedy struck at the New England Zoo when Mila’s former keeper, who wanted her to be reunited with members of her own species was accidentally crushed to death by Mila.

In light of the tragedy many people came together and donated over $1.5 million to have Mila brought to the San Diego Zoo to live with her own species. If Mila and Mary’s adorable embrace during their first meeting is any indication of what is to come, then it definitely looks like Mila will be living out the rest of her years in companionship with Mary and the other African elephants housed at the San Diego Zoo. It is showing all the signs of a life-long friendship.

You can view the full video of Mila and Mary’s first meeting below: