Everyone Is Freaking Out Over The Unexplained Haunted Door In Brazil

(PCM) Thanks to the power of Reddit a new video has surfaced which allegedly shows a door being forcefully slammed shut inside of a Brazilian morgue. While many have been debating the authenticity of the video others are swearing that it is the real deal.

It is just a little odd that the timing is so perfect with everything in video, including the lights being perfectly timed to flicker and go out at just the right moment. Authorities in Brazil launched an investigation into the authenticity of the clip (because apparently they don’t have anything better to do with their time) and while they are not saying the clip is a fake they have determined that it was not filmed at a morgue as previously stated.

The clip was actually filmed at the Center for Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents in Araucária, Paraná by a group of caregivers in the facility. They plan to follow-up with their own investigation to prove whether or not any eerie activities took place or will take place in the future. Check out the super creepy video below and let us know your thoughts. Real or fake?