Could We Have Finally Discovered Genghis Khan’s Long Lost Tomb?


(PCM) One of history’s biggest mysteries that spans over 800 years is definitely where the final resting place of the great Mongol leader Genghis Khan is located. Researchers and historians have been speculating for years about it’s exact location and now with the help of satellite imaging, that has been crowdsourced by scientists, they now believe they are closer than ever to discovering Khan’s mysterious burial site.

Genghis Khan was a leader whose empire stretched throughout most of the continent of Asia and his grave site has long been rumored to be somewhere near Burkhan Khaldun mountain in north Mongolia. Khan died suddenly of an illness in the year 1227 when he was 72 years old and his final resting place has never been uncovered.

According to legend, Khan’s body was carried to its’ final resting place and any travelers that were encountered during the journey were executed on sight. In fact, even those individuals who were escorting the body were said to have killed themselves after the body was buried.

Through the use of the crowdsourcing scientists were able to view over 84,000 satellite images of the area in which they believe Khan’s final resting place is located. They have narrowed down 55 different archaeological sites that they believe could be Khan’s tomb.

The team of scientists have been able to visit several of these locations to do ground surveys and have also implemented the use of airplane drones to take photographs from above. While actual digging in many of these areas is high controversial, the researchers are also now able to use ground penetrating radar equipment to assist with narrowing down the search even more.

Khan’s tomb is believed to be in an area referred to as the Valley of the Khans near the mountain, however up until now the exact locations have always been a mystery. The power of crowdsourcing and using the public’s help to locate and identify many of these areas has been incredibly helpful to the scientific community as whole, as it seems they may very well be on their way to solving one of history’s biggest mysteries. Stay tuned!


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