Foot File Is Given A Truly Inappropriate Name!

(PCM) Someone in the marketing department is getting fired! A foot file created by Gena Lab, Inc, which is based out of Dallas, Texas, has given their product one of the most inappropriate names imaginable. Ready for this? Their foot file is called Pedi File. So much no right there!

We can’t believe someone didn’t catch that before these foot files were put out for sale. Some thought that the Pedi File name could have been a language barrier mix-up from an overseas company, however it is clearly stamped on the product that it was created in Dallas, Texas. An image of the product was posted on Reddit and has since received over 3,500 up votes.

This product got us thinking about some other inappropriately named products that have been released over the years. There has been everything from Vergina beer to the Ayds diet candy from the early nineties. has put together a hilarious list at some of the world’s most inappropriately named products and the reasons they are most likely no longer found on store shelves.

Let’s hope that Gena Lab, Inc will give some much deeper thought to their product naming the next time around or else face the consequences of becoming roasted on the internet yet again!